Day Trip to Millport with my Bestie

For once Scotland has beautiful weather, so me and my best friend Leann went on a wee gal pals day trip to the Isle of Cumbrae to cycle around Millport on bikes! If you live in Glasgow or a surrounding area, it’s only about a 45 minute drive to Largs where you get the ferry over to the island. The ferry comes every 15 mins in the Summer moths and every 30 mins in the Winter and it’s only £3.20 return per person. Because the trip is less than 10 minutes it’s a fab for a cheap day out. Millport is the only town on the island and it’s mainly a tourist town where there’s plenty of ice cream shops, chippy’s, restaurants, bars and of course bike hire shops.



One of the main attractions of Cumbrae is cycling around the island. Some people take their own bike on the ferry, but with 3 bike hire shops and cheap rates (£5 for about 2 hours) it’s easy enough to hire one. The coastal route is beautiful, with amazing views of the Ayrshire coast and the Firth of Clyde. There’s a few beaches along the way and also lots of picnic benches so you can stop for a munch. Apart from a couple of steep hills, it’s mainly flat land so it’s easy even if you’re not used to cycling. We took sandwiches and snacks to eat when we were cycling but were so hungry we ate them before we even started hahah. The route is 11 mile (18K), so if you’re going at a good speed it’s an amazing workout! We ended up stopping every now and then to take pictures, enjoy the scenery and at one point get a slush puppy so it took us two hours, but we could’ve done it a lot quicker.






After having an amazing day, we were starving and hot so headed back to Largs for the chippy that we had been craving since we set off at 10am (typical of us haha). Because it’s by the water – as the rule goes in Scotland – the chippy’s are always nicer than those you get in Glasgow/ the city. I usually get a Blue Lagoon chippy every time I’m in Largs but we ended up going to one called The Fish Works which has seats outside that look right onto the water. Despite it being the dearest chippy I’ve ever bought and the curry sauce tasting like curry sauce you would get with a Chinese, we devoured it and it was well deserved after all the calories we had burned off!!




Thanks so much for reading and hopefully this will inspire you to go on a wee day out to Millport if you’ve never been or haven’t been in a while. With barely any cars and bikes galore, it’s always a good day out that’s made even better with great company!


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