5 Ways to Wear a Tie Front Bodysuit

I recently purchased this fuschia tie front bodysuit from Lasula and they have a yellow version of this too. It’s only £14 Lasula often do 30% off on their website so I bought it for £9.80. Everything I wear and buy recently is pink so when I saw this bodysuit for such a cheap price I couldn’t help but buy it! On this particular bodysuit, the ties at the front are not permanently stitched in a bow so you can play about with them and make it look like a completely different bodysuit each time you wear it! This is fab if you want to save money or are sick of wearing an outfit/ item of clothing once before the rules of Instagram declare you an outfit repeater. Here’s the 5 different ways I would wear it and possible ways you could style it up.

Look 1 – classic bow


This is the way the bodysuit comes when you buy it and it’s also how it’s styled on the website! I think this look’s so cute and would look fab with a pair of high waisted jeans, wedges and a hair bandana for a casual dressy (or ‘nice top and jeans’) outfit.

Look 2 – double strap halterneck


This look is so easy as you literally just tie the two ties in a knot behind your neck! I think this would look amazing with a skater skirt, a belt, a pair of trainers or flarforms and hoop earrings. If I was to wear a necklace, it would be a long hanging and minimalistic one because there’s already quite a lot of detail going on at the front with the double straps.

Look 3 – cross neck


I feel like this look is a bit more glam and would probably look better with curled hair! Just like before, I have tied the straps behind my neck after crossing them at the front. I think this would be really nice with a pair of wide leg trousers, a belt, a clutch bag and heels.

Look 4 – cross body


I love wearing the bodysuit like this! I just crossed the straps over and tucked them into the bodysuit at either side, making sure that each strap is wrapped around my body so there’s no lumps/ gathered material. This is a great way to wear the bodysuit if you’re on holiday as it looks so summery! I would wear this with a pair of high waisted denim shorts, a belt, sliders, a woven bag and some oversized sunnies.

Look 5 – plunge bodysuit


This is probably my favourite look! I tucked the ties in at each side so that you cant’t even tell they are there. I actually like the way I’ve styled this so if I was wearing the bodysuit during the day, I would wear these white high waisted denim shorts, a chunky longline necklace and my metallic belt. You could also dress this entire look up by wearing a pair of either tailored or wide leg trousers, a cute bodycon skirt or an A-line skirt with a pair of wedges or heels. You would probably need bodytape for this look so the matieral stays in place. For obvsious reasons, you probably couldn’t wear the bodysuit like this if you aren’t flat chested.

Thanks very much for reading and I hope I gave you some Summer/ holiday inspo!

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