£145 Osprey London Purse for £25

I’m absolutely obsessed with pink just now and when I noticed this beautiful Osprey London purse in TK Maxx (the Silverburn, Glasgow store) I fell head over heels in love with it. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price tag and it was only £24.99 for a leather designer purse! As I’m sure you know, the only downside to finding fab bargains like this in TK Maxx is that it’s usually a one time deal and you’ll be lucky to find the exact same one again in the same (or even a different) store.

This purse looks so elegant and I especially love that the  interior is lined with a bright floral design – perfect for the Summer months and to brighten up the duller and more neutral coloured winter wardrobe. The Osprey London logo is hand-stitched inside and it has 11 card slots, two note sections and a central coin compartment.





This exact style is no longer on the Osprey London website, but an extremely similar one is! The only differences is that the dearer purse is made from ‘top grain leather,’ whereas mines is made from ‘regenerated leather.’ Also, the logo on the other purse is in gold metal letters, whereas it is hand-stitched on the one I bought.


Despite these small differences, these purses look practically identical and there is a big difference of £120. I’d say it’s definitely worth your while having a wee browse in TK Maxx every now and again; whether you’re looking to buy something new or not. This would even be an amazing gift for someone and they would obviously think you paid so much more than you did for it!

P.s. my mum very kindly bought me this because we were out on a wee mother-daughter date, so if you read this mum thank you very much, you have one extremely happy daughter 🙂 xx

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