Cake Pops: the Perfect Gift for Any Occassion

I recently bought homemade cake pops for my boyfriends birthday and they were the most perfect present ever! Demi runs this business along side her full time work and I can’t recommend her work enough. As you can ask for them to be customised, I asked Demi to create pugs (as we have a wee pug called Nala) and although this would be her first attempt at pugs, she kindly agreed to do it. Alongside 5 of the pug ones, I asked for white glitter crystals and Demi even put a small birthday candle on one! It’s only £15 for a box of 10 which I think is incredibly reasonable considering the amount of work and effort that’s involved, not to mention how incredible they look and taste. As well as the smaller boxes, Demi also caters for weddings, birthday parties, christenings, graduations, leaving nights, hen nights, baby showers and every other occasion!

It’s crazy to think that these look even better than they taste but me and my boyfriend LOVED them and I’m someone who usually doesn’t like cake! They came in a lovely gift box and were wrapped in protective packaging with gold ribbon tied around them. The pugs ears were made of caramel and I made the mistake of not putting them in the fridge overnight so they melted a tiny bit (you can see the difference from the 2nd photo that Demi took) but it’s nothing noticable!







If you look closely, you can see just how much detail Demi put into the pugs – she even carved out small bumps around the mouth area to reflect the uneven skin texture and spots that pugs are prone to. Nala even wanted a bite!



Here’s some of the fab customised cake pops Demi has made for different occasions, and you will be able to see more if you have a browse on her social media platforms. She can do any colour and design you request and there’s no limits to her talents! Demi has also started making Lotus biscoff cake pops which look amaaaazing!!

If you’re interested in buying any cake pops, you can contact Demi via her social media channels or by emailing her:

Instagram – @demiscakepops

Facebook – Demi’s Cake Pops

Email –

If you’re from Glasgow (or willing to travel to pick them up), you absolutely need to try these! If you want to stay updated and see what new designs Demi creates, give her social media’s a follow as she posts regularly and you will be supporting an amazing local business.

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