Best TV Series’ I’ve Watched Recently

I love nothing more than chilling and watching a good TV series. Whether it’s on my own or with my boyfriend, I’ve always preferred TV shows to films. Series’ on Netflix just keep getting better and better and I usually end up watching multiple things at the same time (rather than finishing one series before moving onto the next). Sometimes I’m in the mood for a riveting murder mystery documentary, other times I want to have a laugh and watch something light hearted. Most of the time, though, I want to watch the type of binge-worthy series’ that I can obsessed over; those shows that you would rather lose sleep over so that you can squeeze in a couple more episodes. My favourite series’ are the ones you watch for that long that Netflix asks you are you still there after you’ve told yourself  “just 1 more episode” for the past 5 hours (we’ve all done it haha). Here’s 17 shows I’ve watched recently and loved:




The vast majority of people I know watch Power- if you haven’t seen this turn it on right now! There’s 5 season’s of it out so far and episodes are currently being released onto Netflix weekly. The story follows James “Ghost” St. Patrick who is a wealthy night club owner in New York. He has everything; a beautiful family, a luxurious penthouse apartment and more money than he knows what to do with. However, his double life as a drug lord makes his dream of a legitimate future unreachable. Ghost also gets into bed with FBI agent and his former childhood sweetheart Angela Valdez- the same women who wants to take down New York’s drug cartels. In a show full of psycho-killers, one of my favourite characters is Tommy Egan. Despite being a mean-eyed murderer who would kill someone for looking at him the wrong way, Tommy’s the most likeable villain you’ll ever watch and his one liners are second to none! Although this is fast-action, it has an incredible storyline. If you love watching drugs, money, sex, violence, crime, affairs, scandals, fraud, murder and corruption, you will love Power and the rapper 50 Cent even plays a main role in it!

Queen of the South


I only discovered this recently and am obsessed with it! The main character Teresa Mendoza is a hispanic women who flees to America to seek refuge after her drug dealer boyfriend is murdered in Mexico. Following her boyfriend’s death, Teresa’s journey can only be characterised as an upward climb. She goes from being a poverty-stricken drug mule to running her own cartel and being one of the biggest drug lords in the world. Although the cast is testosterone-heavy, Queen of the South is different in that it subverts the typical masculine drug lord characters with rich, feminist characters. The female empowerment in this series means that while there is still as much suspense, action and murder, there’s a strong attention to drama and character development that you wouldn’t typically see in a show like this.



This Netflix series is based on the 2007 film Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg- both of which are based on a series of 10 novels. Bob Lee Swagger is a veteran and a top marine sniper, one of the best in the U.S. actually. Now living in Washington State with his wife and daughter, his former Marine commander coaxes him back into action to prevent an assassination on the President. Unable to refuse a call to defend his country, Swagger inevitably finds himself the patsy in a massive high-stake conspiracy. Although this series has a lot of intellectual content, it’s more of a visceral experience because its engrossing, suspenseful and action packed.


The Sinner


This 8 episode series (that will soon return for a second season) is based on a book. It starts with a young and happy mother named Cora (played by Jessica Biel) who inexplicably stabs a stranger to death in front of witnesses when she’s at the beach with her husband and son. The mystery of why she did it and who the victim was seems impossible to figure out. Desperate to get to the bottom of her case and understand what triggered the unprovoked attack, detective Harry Ambrose helps to uncover secrets about Cora’s past. The Sinner is often confusing and frustrating because you don’t find out the full truth and Cora’s backstory until the episode finale. However, the mysteries and obscurities surrounding her life and why she committed such a crime makes it more thrilling to watch because there are so many plot twists!

How to Get Away With Murder 


You have to watch this is you haven’t already!! I only watched it at the end of last year but I think I may re-watch it very soon before the next season comes out. How to Get Away With Murder is a thrilling series about – you guessed it – murder. Annalise Keating is a university lecturer whose defence law class is called ‘how to get away with murder.’ She becomes a mentor for her top performing students; all of which are selected to work at her law firm where she represents tough and violent criminals. As Annalise teaches her students the dark truth about the law and the justice system, they all must unexpectedly apply that knowledge to their lives when they become entangled in a murder plot (and more as the seasons go on). The death of a student not only rocks the entire university, but the events that take place shake the course of each individual’s lives.

Manhunt: Unabomber


This series is based on a true story and follows the FBI’s hunt for Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber; an American domestic terrorist. After abandoning an academic career Kaczynski began to live a primitive and minimalistic lifestyle in a cabin he had built in the woods in Montana. Between the years 1978 and 1995 he mailed or hand-delivered a series of increasingly sophisticated bombs. After one of the longest manhunts in FBI history, the Unabomber sent a 35,000-word manifesto named “Industrial Society and Its Future” to several media outlets which explained his motives and views of how detrimental modern society is (read the manifesto here). When I was watching this I was studying the concept of terrorism in literature in one of my uni classes. We discussed Philip Roth’s ‘American Pastoral,’ (I highly recommend reading this and Netflix also has the film version that stars Ewan McGregor), and how the U.S. in the 60s-90s had a wave of white domestic terrorism. This was pretty much unheard of on a wide scale at that time. Maybe it’s just my analytical brain from studying English, but the Unabomber’s life and manifesto is simultaneously intriguing and disturbing. His choice to stay in the woods was an antidote to civilisations post-industrial self-absorption. While he used that remote location to stay away from societies attachment to technology, consumerism and capitalism, he also used it to construct horrific and deadly bombs. This series gives a glimpse into his life through the discoveries the FBI agents make.


I watched the trailer for this on YouTube and immediately thought ‘nah.’ I think it was the English accents haha. I don’t really watch British T.V unless it’s a reality show so I didn’t give it a chance. People kept talking about how good it was so my boyfriend eventually put it on and we agreed that if we don’t like the first episode we won’t continue watching it. After the first episode I was hooked! It’s sooo good, and the protagonist is Michael Hall who plays the character Dexter in the series Dexter. Another ‘mystery’ drama, Safe is located in an affluent gated community and follows both a distressed dad and the police’s search for a missing teenage girl. Their seemingly secure community has a lot of buried secrets and there’s a plot twist like you wouldn’t believe in the first seasons finale!



Like Unabomber, this is a docu-drama that follows the semi-fictionalised murder investigation of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. There’s a lot of flashbacks and flash forwards in this series, but you get used to them! This series shoes how Tupac and Biggie met, how their friendship progressed and how they eventually came head to head. Despite the lack of action (except in the flashbacks that shows the lives of Tupac and Biggie) it’s an absorbing proactive work of true crime as a Tupac and Biggie task force work tirelessly to try and figure out what happened. Although there has been many conspiracy theories created about both of these high profile cases over the years, they do remain ‘unsolved,’ so don’t expect any definite answers!

Evil Genius


Evil Genius is a documentary that follows the true story of ‘America’s most diabolical bank heist’ that took place in Pensilvania 15 years ago. The four episodes in this docu-series attempts to reveal the truth about what actually happened. The story begins when pizza-delivery man Brian Wells attempts to rob a bank with a bomb around his neck. This bomb later exploded and you see the gruesome public death of a man who may or may not be the victim of a sick plan that was potentially devised by Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong. I’m not going to say anymore about this because I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s definitely worth a watch if you want to learn more about the bomb, the bank, the scavenger hunt and the psychotic person(s) behind it.

Tip: if you love watching/ hearing about true crime cases, I’d recommend watching Kendall Rae‘s videos on YouTube. She gives you all the info and knows the details of current high profile cases (usually involving murder) so each 20/30 minute video is like watching a mini documentary!


The Vampire Diaries 


Have you ever seen such good looking people?!! TVD will probably be my favourite TV show until I die! I’ve watched the full 8 seasons about 8 times and I’m now on to watching it for the 9th time. As sad as that is, I don’t want to live in a world where I’m not seeing Damon and Stefan Salvatore on my screen! Set in a small American town called Mystic Falls, it’s about a love triangle between two immortal vampire brothers and Elena Gilbert. Funnily enough, Elena is the doppelgänger and ancestor of Kathryn Pierce, the girl who was at the centre of the brothers’ former love triangle decades earlier. Originally based on a book, the show has the most intelligent and creative story lines. The plots many twists are thrilling, jaw dropping and  sometimes hard to get your head around how anybody can create this brilliant supernatural world where there are no loose ends left to be tied up. There’s a whole lot of fighting, murder, resurrections, alternate dimensions, supernatural creatures, sex, romance, friendship, drama and every other noun you can think of. This isn’t just a show for girls – I know plenty of boys (including my brother) who have watched this and re-watched it because they love it so much!

The Originals

This is a spin-off show from TVD. The ‘original’ family of vampires play a huge role in TVD and it’s easy to become emotionally invested in their characters. While it’s completely fine to watch this without having watched TVD, it’s better to watch this afterwards so that you can get a better grip on the context of the plot. The Originals is based in the French Quarter of New Orleans; a world where Supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts roam the streets. As it was created by the same people as TVD, the plot is just as riveting, suspenseful and dramatic and you really will fall in love with the storylines and characters.

Teen Wolf 

Teen Wolf is my fave atm – I’m currently obsessed with it and still have 3 seasons to watch before I’m finished. While the story line is amazing, this show is less plot-focused and more action driven, with at least two fighting scenes per episode. As you can probably tell, this is about werewolves, but also banshees, ghosts, kitsune’s and every other terrifying creature of the night. I didn’t realise how scary this would be! The main settings are in the high school, the police station and a mental institution which speaks for itself. I would definitely give this a watch if you love a good thriller. The ending of every single episode is so suspenseful that it could easily be the ending to the season finale!

Stranger Things


It took my friend a year to convince me to watch this! I done that thing where you genuinely judge a book TV show by its cover. I looked at this picture and thought ‘nah, that looks rubbish.’ After people started really talking about it, I decided to watch the YouTube trailer for it and became incredibly intrigued at how ‘strange’ it looked. Set in a small town in Indiana in the 1980’s, it’s obvious that this show draws heavily on popular ’80’s films like ‘E.T’ and ‘Stand By Me.’ The first season follows 3 young boys as they search for their missing friend Will Byers. In doing so, they uncover secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and Eleven, a girl who has psychokinetic and telepathic abilities. The town is also home to an alternative reality/ parallel dimension called the ‘Upside Down,’ home to a predatory humanoid creature known as the Demogorgon. I’ve never ever liked anything sci-fi but I’m kicking myself that I didn’t watch this sooner. It’s exciting, thrilling and scary, but also hilarious and I promise that you will fall in love with every single character.




I’ve just finished watching Dynasty and O M G it’s amazing! I’ve even got my mum and boyfriend hooked on it. I’d seen it on Netflix for a good few months but always scrolled past it. As one of the main characters is in TVD (shock) and I enjoyed watching her, I decided to give it a try as there’s only one season out anyway. This show is a remake of the 1981 TV series and it follows the Carringtons, a family of billionaires because the father Blake is a powerful oil tycoon. Take glamour, luxury and (likeable) pretentiousness and throw in feuds, conspiracies, corruption, animosity, a lot of humour and suspenseful plot twists and you’ve got yourself the perfect TV show!



So I remember watching this with my mum back in 2008 and recently watched it again on Putlocker. It’s got a few recognisable faces in it like Lucy Hale (Aria in Pretty Little Liars) and Kristina Apgar (Liam’s gf Jane in 90210). This was unfortunately discontinued after the first season which is frustrating if you watch it to the season finale and it ends on a cliff hanger! Based in Palm Beach, it’s about a Yale graduate who becomes a live-in tutor for two spoiled granddaughters of a cosmetics business magnate. This is definitely lighthearted and comical, but despite the fact it’s a feel good show, you become emotionally invested in the characters’ dramas which makes it completely bing worthy.




This is a teen-drama TV series set in a small town in New York called Riverdale. Although Riverdale is sometimes funny and lighthearted, it’s suspenseful and has an element of horror to it! Through out both seasons, a group of high school friends try to unravel Riverdale’s secrets. This series is imbued with deaths, murderers, gang fights, student-teacher affairs, hook-ups and mysteries which makes it a fab series to watch! P.s. Cole Spouse – one of the twins from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – is in it so if you’re a 90’s kid you can relive your youth through watching him.


Million Dollar Listing: New York

Me and my boyfriend are obsessed with watching home-y/ renovation shows! Million Dollar Listing has a New York and Los Angeles series, each with different casts. As you can imagine from the title, the three estate agents sell million dollar properties for both clients and developers. I especially love the NYC series because every house is so modern and luxurious and has the best views imaginable- often massive penthouse suites overlooking central park! The cast has changed a bit since the first season (season 7 is the most reason season), but I love this cast- they’re so funny to watch and you even see glimpses of their personal life. You need to watch this if you love watching home shows!

I’m always looking for new shows to watch so let me know if you’ve recently watched something binge-worthy!

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