My name is Karla and I’m 22 years old from Glasgow in Scotland. I created this blog to do something positive with my time as I have so much creative energy and love creating content through both my writing and photography. I recently graduated uni and finally have a BA Honours degree in English Literature, yeyyy!

I love nothing more than telling people about the new beauty products, clothes, technology etc that I have found and fell in love with.  I have so many ideas and will be writing blog posts as frequently as I can so please sign up for email subscriptions so that you’re notified when I publish new posts.

Wanderlust and Lifestyle is a place where I can talk about travel, beauty, fashion and everything in between! This blog is a huge passion of mines because writing and taking photos are a couple of my favourite things to do. It’s amazing that I can combine my hobbies so that I can (hopefully) help people out and give advice and recommendations about things.

Last Summer, me and my boyfriend Michael travelled the world for 2 months, so as well as everything else, this blog will allow me to reveal the hidden gems we found, the best places to visit and it might just inspire anybody who is thinking of travelling.

Follow me on Instagram for regular updates @karlamcneilage

If you want to get in touch, I would love to hear from you. For any collaborative or general enquiries, please contact me at: karlamcneilage@hotmail.com.

Thanks so much for visiting and please come back 🙂


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